All About Tile

With all of the choices available, things can get confusing, so let’s break it down.

Let’s Talk Tile Materials & Patterns!

All About Tile

With all of the choices available, things can get confusing, so let’s break it down.

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Let’s Talk Tile Materials & Patterns!

Porcelain– Porcelain is a very popular choice for floors. Being highly durable and virtually water resistant, porcelain tile is available in every possible size, shape, color, texture, and finish. Wood look porcelain tiles as well as the classic look of natural stone tiles have become very popular due to its durability, being easy to clean and maintain whether indoor or outdoor.

Natural Stone– Usually marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, or sandstone, natural stone tiles are made from genuine stone that has been used for thousands of years. Each piece is unique with natural markings, adding interest and organic appeal being nature’s naturally occurring artwork.

Ceramic– Ceramic tile is very similar to porcelain tile, but not as dense and has a higher absorption rate being made of clay that has been fired in a kiln. The tiles have been coated with a special glaze to protect and seal it making them very practical and functional for most indoor projects.

Glass– Design options are relatively endless with glass tiles. There are tons of finishes available and very versatile. Glass tiles can be used in any room. From Swimming pools to walls to backsplashes, glass adds a stylish appeal picking up light in any area to create that jaw dropping look.

Metal– Available in stainless steel, and aluminum, and copper, metal tiles come in a variety of finishes to create a sleek look to any backsplash or wall.

Cement– Cement tiles are versatile, durable, and handmade available in lots of patterns, sizes, colors and powerful designs. They have been around for hundreds of years, and recently making a very trendy come back. They are a good choice for indoor flooring as they are slip-resistant.

Hardwood– Real hardwood flooring is as unique as a fingerprint, no two hardwood floors are the same; this is because no two trees are alike. There have different grain patterns, colors, and texture. On the downside, Hardwood flooring is a porous natural material that will absorb moisture and liquids, which can lead to water damage in the long-term.

Mosaic– Mosaic tiles feature unique mosaic decorations. They are used to add a modern and original touch to a space, including walls and floors. They are most commonly used for bathrooms and kitchens to create a highlighting backsplash effect.

Large Format Panels– These large size tiles create a seamless look with joints that almost disappear. They can be used in any size room on the walls and floors.

Each tile pattern offers something that is truly different from the next. To dramatically enhance the look and feel to any space, choosing a tile pattern is important. So make your space even more unique by choosing the tile pattern to best suit your style.

Straight Lay or Stack Bond– This is the simplest and most basic tile pattern using square or rectangle tiles. The tiles are set in a straight line, to create a grid-like look that is simple, clean, and stylish.

Running Bond– Also known as a brick or offset pattern, the tiles are offset by half the width of the tile. This could be used with square tiles or rectangle tiles for the signature brick wall look. It not only has be done horizontally, but can also be vertical or even diagonal. This pattern is the most popular for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, especially used with a signature subway tile, but can also be used on floors, walkways, or even walls.

Diagonal– A little interest added with the tile set on a 45 degree angle. It uses square tiles that become diamonds when tilted at the 45 degree angle. This pattern is the easiest way to make a small or narrow space appear bigger and wider.

Diagonal with Dots– Tiles are notched at regular intervals with smaller accent tiles.

Herringbone– Tiles are set as a “V” shape. It adds a sophisticated visual to any floor, wall, or backsplash. This tile layout can make a small room appear bigger than it really is, making it perfect for narrow areas. This pattern is perfect when you want to draw the eye through a space.

Basket Weave– This is a classic pattern made up of squares and rectangles to create a woven effect. It creates the impression that the tiles are being woven over and under each other by always alternating between the horizontal and vertical positions. This pattern is used best in smaller rooms or for a backsplash.

Windmill– With this pattern, a square tile is surrounded by four rectangles that resemble the blades of a windmill. This pattern has a classic feel to it.

Pinwheel– When a square tile is surrounded by four larger tiles. It is also known as Hopscotch. This pattern is mainly used on floors, and creates a very eye pleasing visual.

Versailles– When three or more different sized tiles are used to form a pattern. It is set to give you the appearance of random tile laying, designed to fool the eye. The Versailles uses square and rectangle tiles together that fit together in a large repeating puzzle like layout. Travertine is the most common stone used for this pattern. It is also known as French Pattern or Modular Pattern.

Checkerboard– To create this pattern, two colors of square tiles are alternated. They can be set straight or on a diagonal.




When choosing the right tile for a project, it is best to understand your personal style and need for your space.
We suggest browsing our inspiration images to see what appeals to your style.


Picking Tile For Your Next Home

Make a bold statement with XL’s extensive selection of tile. From the classic look of subway tile, to a striking mosaic tile, you’re sure to find something to inspire your vision.

Picking tile for your next home or next project can be very overwhelming with all the different tile products out there, and the millions of designs and colors tiles come in. The good news is, here at XL we know how to guide you to picking out the exact style you are looking for.